A Brave Heart Film - Case Study

Overview: When Lizzie Velasquez’s TEDxWomen talk became one of the most viewed of its kind with 14mm views and counting, we were there with her. We learned that bullying knows no demographic and that she was not only telling her story, but Everyone's.  We created a Kickstarter campaign that broke records, a film that earned them, and a movement that set out to define them.  “A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story” established activism with original content, engagement platforms, and garnered the attention and support of the biggest influencers in online and offline media.  Around the world, victims of bullying, as well as their parents and teachers, are now armed with a new kind of hope.  5+ billion impressions, 10 film festivals and 11 awards, a 100% Rotten Tomatoes Audience score, and a first day DVD sell-out on Amazon, prove that Lizzie was the new kind of Hero that the world was waiting for.

My involvement: I scripted and produced the case study video for A Brave Heart's submissions for the 2016 Webby Awards and Cannes Lions. I also created all of the graphics for the video and designed the campaign poster. A Brave Heartreceived two Webby Honoree Awards in Entertainment and Public Service & Activism.

A Brave Heart Film Case Study Cannes