Jessica Chou

Eighteenx18 + Toms

#WeVoteNext Summit 


Overview —

One-third of the Senate and ALL House seats were up for grabs in the Midterm Election in November 2018. Eighteenx18 teamed up with TOMS to host the #WeVoteNext Summit to inspire young voters. With 120 delegates representing all 50 states, we were tasked with transforming TOMS’ Headquarters into a playground for collaboration, learning, and discovery.

It was critical for the #WeVoteNext Summit to create meaningful change. To accomplish this, we rallied around one simple fact: young voters currently make up the largest voting block of America. To reinforce this idea and connect attendees, we transformed TOMS HQ into a kinetic campus celebrating the “Voting Class of 2018”. The day kicked off in the Assembly with a fiery welcome by Yara Shahidi followed by Ted-Talk style addresses by activists like Laverne Cox, Rosario Dawson, and Meena Harris. Attendees received class schedules and a campus map outlining 8 experiential learning activations to discover throughout the day. When the delegates left the summit, they didn’t just take away inspiration. They graduated with life long friends to change the world as they know it.  

Role — Head of Production
Involvement — Experiential Strategy, Creative Direction and Design, Execution, Client Management
Co-Producer — Whereabout Studio
Photographer — Emilee McGovern
Agency — Soze Agency
Client — Eighteenx18

Thanks to the team for having such a deep belief in me and putting 200% in executing my vision, which is now a shared vision & vehicle to inspire us young voters to use our voices! ⚡️ What a weekend!
— Yara Shahidi

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